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Welcome to the Future with MeAI

Our team members have worked at various companies and global enterprises such as: IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, Nokia, SYKES, HPE and others. Our dedication and passion for Web3 and modern technologies drive us to accomplish unprecedented goals. We think big and act boldly, leaving no room for compromise in our development, design and execution. 


Meet our founding team to learn more about individuals who fearlessly tackle the biggest challenges.

Meet our Founding Team

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Dawid Smyk

Co-Founder and Technology Director

Dawid is a digital entrepreneur, digital nomad, Microsoft engineer & trainer, experienced trader & investor. With 10+ years combined experience in the cryptocurrency, blockchain and professional IT industry, he has acquired core & modern skills required to create successful and innovative projects in the Web3 space.


As a digital nomad, he enjoys traveling the world and exploring new cultures, perspectives, and opportunities. He is always eager to learn new things and challenge himself in different domains. His mission is to leverage his skills and knowledge to create value and impact the digital space and beyond. He believes that impossible does not exist, and our reality is shaped by our actions.

Wojciech Wybraniec

Co-Founder and Marketing Director

Wojciech is a digital entrepreneur with over six years of experience in the cryptocurrency market. He has a passion for Web3 and modern technologies, and a vision to create innovative and immersive products that empower users and communities.


He possesses a unique ability to inspire and guide teams towards achieving ambitious goals. His strategic vision is not only informed by a deep knowledge of cryptocurrency trends but also fueled by a relentless curiosity about the infinite possibilities.


Wojciech stands as a beacon of innovation and foresight. His commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring new frontiers promises a future where technologies seamlessly merge to create solutions that benefit us all.


Marek Bednarek

Lead Developer and AI Magician

Marek is an experienced Machine Learning Engineer with a solid track of delivering AI projects for both enterprises and small startups.


Successful developer who focuses on delivering value for customers in rapid intervals. Was responsible for design and implementation of various Machine Learning projects in the field of Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing.


He has the 6th sense in predicting the big next thing in technology. Passionate developer focused on staying ahead of the curve. Privately a father of two.


Weronika Karbowska

Lead Dietician and Project Manager

Weronika graduated dietician with several years of experience in dietary and gastronomical industry. Moreover, she is a manager with three years of experience in this position. During her professional background, she was collaborating with teams mainly focused on customer satisfaction simultaneously keeping the high quality of service.


She was collaborating with companies dealing with nutritional counseling for private individuals, institutional feeding, as well as direct customer service in gastronomy and active sale of food products. She values working with people, and has an ability to establish good interpersonal relationships.


Karolina Drewnisz

Social Media Director and Analyst

Karolina is an analyst with over 10 years of professional experience, with a passion for connecting people and improving communication. She has a proven ability to collect, analyze, and interpret social media data to identify trends, insights, and new opportunities.


Karolina is also a strong communicator and presenter, with the ability to translate complex information into actionable insights. Able to adapt to new trends quickly and think outside of the box, Karolina always comes up with new and innovative solutions.


Her main belief is that when we work together, we can accomplish great things and build stronger relationships.


Gracety Manuel

Public Relations Representative

Gracety is a dynamic individual with an innate talent for fostering collaboration and meaningful connections. With an open and approachable demeanor, she thrives on building bridges between people and communities.


Her exceptional interpersonal skills make her a natural communicator. She effortlessly moderates social media platforms, creating a welcoming and inclusive online environment. She has a knack for understanding diverse perspectives, ensuring that discussions remain constructive and respectful.


In both their personal and professional life, Gracety is a strong advocate for teamwork and cooperation. She believes that the power of collective effort can achieve remarkable results and bring people closer together.

Szymon Zasuwa

Lead Graphic Designer and Animator

Szymon has been working in graphic design for more than 10 years. He specializes in the fields of 2D/3D design, DTP.


He creates logos, visual identities, 3D models, car-wrapping projects, web campaigns, vector illustrations, animations and short video montages.


He is constantly developing his skills and does not shy away from challenges. He always tries to make sure that the projects solve the design problems established beforehand, are functional, practical and reach the users in the right way.


Justin Rutherford

Social Media Developer

Justin has always had a passion for technology and understanding of the mechanisms that keep us going.


This led him into communities and networking with others to broaden his horizons of understanding. He specializes in creating Discord servers, assisting communities with moderation, developing tools for engagement and interaction with said communities, and anything else he can quickly pick up and learn in order to provide a strong link between communities and their core teams.

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